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Whole Chicken Legs

Whole Chicken Legs

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Premium farm fresh chicken, raised outdoors in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Our pastured poultry freely roam our pastures, foraging for bugs & grasses and supplemented with only the finest quality of organic feeds. This ensures the development of superior tenderness and flavor. 

Whole legs are a combination of the drumstick and thigh. The best of both worlds! 

  • 100% Virginia Grown 

  • Chicken raised with Regenerative Agriculture focusing on healthy soils, clean water and maintaining healthy, nutritious forages

  • Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished

  • Family Farm-to-Table, Humanely Handled

  • Hand Cut, Individually Wrapped

  • Frozen & vacuum sealed

  • USDA Inspected & Labeled


 Packs of 2. Avg weight around 1.5lbs.